Devdoot Vanner Sena

About Devdoot Vanner Sena

Before the beginning of Banar Sena, there was a group at Allahabad University where seniors and juniors shared their university experiences by writing interesting and funny stories about hostel life and university life. Everyone read these stories with great interest, and over time, the series grew.

During this time, some disruptive elements burned down the shop of a poor person, or it caught fire on its own, causing him great distress. On that day, the mentor wrote in the group that a poor man’s shop had burned down, and if everyone helped him, his shop could be rebuilt so that he could earn his daily bread.

In just two to three days, about one and a half lakh rupees were collected, and his shop was established again. This was the same period when the world was becoming familiar with Corona for the first time. It seemed like a series of small acts of help were ongoing, while on the other hand, the terrible tragedy of Corona had started wreaking havoc, with the first wave engulfing the whole world.