We have robust, state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at NCR covering an area of more than 90,000 sq. feet.

Operating since April 2012, we have 2200mm and 1600mm 5 ply state of art automatic Plants imported from China with the following features:

  • High speed Single Wall & Double Wall Automatic Corrugators with advanced technology
  • Online Thin Blade Rotary and Creasing Machine
  • Numerically Computerized (N.C.) cut-off unit
  • Semi-Automatic Stacker
  • 1370 mm x 2500 mm 3 colour corrugated board printer, slotter with prefeeder and Rotary┬ádie cutter imported from the best in China
  • Stitching machine and Automatic Folder Gluers
  • Integrated Furnace Type Boilers for producing steam at pressure of 14 Kg
  • Diesel Generating sets
  • Forklifts with forks and paper roll clamp
  • Fleet of trucks for fast delivery of goods

Additional features of the plant are:

  • Four Nos. dedicated printer slotters of various sizes including 1370 mm x 2500 mm 3 colour corrugated board printer
  • slotter with prefeeder and Rotary die cutter imported from the best in China.

Testing Equipment:

  • Box compression tester
  • RCT & CMT tester
  • Grammage
  • Moisture tester
  • Calliper tester

A Boiler of 4T capacity is installed at the site to meet the steam requirement of the board plant.

There is no polluting process in manufacture of cardboard Sheet & Boxes except for the emission in air for which a chimney along with back filter has been installed to emit clean and dust free air in the environment.