Kiwi Import

Hayward Kiwifruit ( Green Kiwi ) is The most common variety identified all over the world. Its skin is brown and hairy with a shape like an egg and more rounded than other kiwi varieties. also kiwi fruit variety in Iran is Hayward.

Iranian Hayward Kiwi has the best eating quality of the existing green varieties, mainly due to higher levels of sweetness. The skin is thin (and can be eaten without much discomfort!) and the flesh is an attractive green with a white center and tiny, black seeds.

Why Krisak
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The kiwi production in Iran are mainly in the northern parts and regions of our country ( Golestan, Mazandaran, Gilan ) and the most famous type of this product used in kiwi export is the one called Hayward. In addition to Talash and Astara, it is also produced in other northern regions where the climate is capable of producing this fruit.

The different and effective factors or aspects are caused to increase demand for buying this Iranian product a lot more from other countries.


Different Reasons Including:

Iranian kiwifruit has good taste, excellent quality ( equal with other rivals), clear skin (without Fruit waxing) with high nutrients and benefits.

Iranian kiwi fruit is free from the quarantine pests, preservatives, hormones of Gibberellins and Auxin and etc.

Iran kiwi production and harvest is earlier than other rivals.



Among the possible health benefits of Hayward Iran Kiwi:

  • It is a kind of high nutritious health-care fruit which combines edible and medical usage.
  • Tasting luscious and refreshing. Every 100g fresh pulp contains 100 to 400mg vitamin C.
  • Vitamin C of Kiwi is 5~10 times higher than orange, 11~13 times than lemon, 20~80 times than apple.
  • The Ca element can be absorbed by human body directly, so it is regarded as the best tonic source for people. It is known as the “king of the vitamin” and “king of the kiwi”.