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Krisak Pack Tech  is an Asia-based B2B commerce company specializing in the procurement of B2B industrial products. We provide digital procurement and supply chain solutions across industries as well as making it tax compliant. We are 120+ strong and headquartered in India with a robust warehouse and logistics network, providing procurement services across India, Europe, Spain, UK, UAE, Africa, Saudi Arab, Iran, Iraq, Bahrin & Oman.

Krisak Pack Tech   is a Total Packaging, International Logistics & Domestics Logistics Solutions B2B Marketplace for All types of Companies. Krisak Pack Tech  was born from an idea to provide an interactive B2B platform for All types of Manufacturer’s & Exporters buyers to search any Packaging commodity or Logistics services, get empowered to proceed further with a procurement decision, and initiate sourcing right from the platform.
We believed that the toughest challenges posed to the Manufacturer’s & Exporters can be solved with the power of the internet. As a result, Krisak Pack Tech   was launched for All types of Manufacturer’s & Exporters solved the procurement challenges posed in the Packaging & Logistics. In our portal, All types of Manufacturer’s & Exporters can browse through products, communicate with our highly skilled team, and initiate the sourcing process. Krisak Pack Tech  is the world’s largest platform providing end-to-end procurement solutions for the All types of Manufacturer’s & Exporters.
Our customers include companies in Dry Bulk Packaging, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Wellness & Healthcare, Household care, Construction, Chemical, Mining, Coal, Agriculture Food, and Beverage. Our process provides effective support to both the buyer and seller. We also provide value-added services like Sourcing, 3rd Party Site Inspection, logistics, Customs Clearance, and more.


Fresh Fruits Import Export

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Cavendish Banana

Krisak PackTech Export Fresh, Quality Fruit. Direct from Growers, meeting Standards. Explore for Natural Goodness, Delivered Worldwide.

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Iran Apple

Krisak PackTech is Top source for fresh apples worldwide. Explore varieties from orchards. Focus on freshness, flavor. Global harvests to you.

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Iran Kiwi

Krisak PackTech showcases Iran’s culture, history, and landscapes through articles, imagery, videos, offering an immersive experience of this fascinating country.

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Mazafati Dates

Krisak PackTech comes up with Mazafati Dates, let’s Enjoy soft, sweet Mazafati dates. Discover their rich flavor & health benefits. Perfect for snacking or recipes.”

Our Services

Sea Freight

Our sea freight services provide efficient, reliable and effective transportation solutions for your goods across international waters.

Air Freight

Our air freight services provide swift and reliable transportation solutions for all your goods, ensuring timely delivery to destinations across the globe.

Customs Clearance

As a packaging company, we understand the importance of smooth and efficient customs clearance for our clients. 


Transportation plays a vital role in the supply chain and logistics process, ensuring the efficient movement of goods from one location to another. 

Recent Projects

Diyan Box
Barjeel Farms Box
Taj Mahal Box
Zarin Box
Premium Box
Delight Fresh Box
MD Box


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