Eco- Friendly

At KRISAK PACKTECH we understand the importance of looking after and giving back to the environment. That’s why we’ve decided to work ECO Projects and fund the planting of one tree for every order that we receive from our customers, regardless of the value! By doing this we can help to add trees back to areas across the globe that have been deforested, helping to look after our environment and help people in the process.aim to address pressing issues in society, fostering positive change for communities and individuals through collective action and awareness campaigns.

One Tree Planted For Every Order

We’re really excited about doing this due to the number of benefits this has to the environment including:

• Creating ecosystems, habitats and food for animals and wildlife
• Absorbing CO2 and other greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere and producing oxygen – helping to lessen the effect of global climate change
• Reducing the amount of storm water runoff which reduces erosion, waterway pollution and the effects of flooding

On top of the already great environmental benefits of planting a tree for each order we receive, the work that is required to plant them is given to people in need, helping to improve their economic situation and giving them an income to reduce extreme poverty across the globe.

The ECO Project and make our tree counter move ahead even faster. Together we pledge our commitment to sustainability and work in collaboration to give back to our environment by donating to ECO Projects.

As well as planting a tree for every order we receive we also offer a wide range of eco-friendly products that are recyclable, biodegradable, and partially made from recycled materials, to help you reduce the environmental impact of your packaging and orders. Whether you need e-commerce packaging, protective packaging, tape or packaging for your retail store, we have a great range of popular eco-friendly products!

We're also looking at more ways to help the environment!

Not only are we planting trees and offering you ways in which you can swap to more eco-friendly alternatives, we’re also looking within our business to see how we can make improvements to how we do things here at KRISAK PACKTECH. That’s why we’ve set ourselves the target to recycle 95% of all the waste products that we produce. Check out our blog to find out how we’ll be working with our waste management company to achieve this!